How Does a Dependable Tree Contractor Remove Trees?

Amazing house in the mountain with maintained lawn and treesRemoving a large tree is a serious and dangerous business. The decision to cut it down must not be taken lightly. Trees are removed for all sorts of different reasons, but the most common are aesthetic, health, and safety reasons. If you have a dead or dying tree in your yard, you’d better hire a reputable tree contractor to get the job done in a professional and timely manner. What will he do for you?

The first important step for an expert is to choose the ideal weather conditions to cut down your tree. It must not be rainy or too windy to prevent the spreading of the sawdust at a long distance. So, warm weather with a light breeze is a nice option.

The next thing professionals will do is check the surrounding area for any obstacles in the way, like another tree, a fence, a house, hanging wires, vehicles, etc. The surrounding area must be perfectly clear from all those things before the cutting process starts.

Tree specialists will see the way a tree is leaning, as well as its natural angle and growth. They will try to predict the direction of the fall. At this stage, they will also check the trunk for any open wounds as they are a good indication for a hollow or rotten tree.

Tree professionals will use a small chainsaw for removing smaller and lower branches.

They will use a rope to tie large branches and slowly lower them to the ground.

The final step is chopping down the tree trunk, section by section with the help of a bigger chainsaw.

Last but not least, determining two escape routes is a perfect idea. As soon as the tree starts falling, tree workers will turn off the machine and quickly move away from the direction of the fall.

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