A Tree Service Provider’s Advice on Caring for Young Trees

Many people think that once the sapling is planted in the ground, the nature will take its course and the tree will grow by itself. The truth is that young trees are terrible vulnerable during the beginning of their lifespan. If you want your tree to grow healthy and strong, some routine care is required. As an experienced tree service provider, we offer to you some useful guidelines that will help you get you started with your young trees.

Young trees have a very sensitive bark. This means they are very vulnerable to any kind of damage to the trunk. This damage can come in the form of a gnawing lawn mower or dog. In order to protect your tree’s trunk from all sorts of damages, consider using a tree wrap. You can find them in almost any home and garden supply store. You should keep your tree wrapped for at least three years. Check regularly to see if the tree didn’t outgrow the wrap. During these three years, you may have to change the wrap several times.

If overzealous mowers or animals are a serious concern for your young tree, then you may have to use something tougher than a tree wrap. We recommend a woven wire barrier in these cases. If you don’t consider woven wires a very attractive option, then you can use some very attractive tree protectors.

As a general rule, young trees grow better without staking. However, if wind or other weather damage pose a threat to your tree, then you should stake it for the first two years. You should not use wires as staking material. You need to find a material that is durable enough to hold your tree in one direction but also flexible enough so that it won’t damage your tree’s bark. It’s good to consult a professional tree service provider regarding this matter.

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